Korean Food

We like Korean food. Period. 

We like the small dishes and the unending hot and spicy kimchi, soups and grills.

It is a surprise how many kinds of dishes there are in the menu every time we step into a Korean restaurant.

We had the famous pork bone soup (Gamjatang) and BBQ recently (at different restaurants). They were both very delicious and left us full and satisfied. 


There are like a thousand kinds of Korean appetizers or side dishes. They usually come in very small dishes and served cold. Most of them are vegetable based. You can see many soy bean dishes, kimchi dishes and vegetables like eggplants, cabbage, bean sprouts and sweet potatoes. Exploring these side dishes are fun and since most of them are vegetables, we think they are very healthy too.


Pork Bone Soup (Gamjatang)

We need a full study on Gamjatang because we have not seen anyone not ordering it (unless you avoid pork for some reasons). The English name is Pork Bone Soup / Stew. It is a hearty spicy soup made with spine or neck bones of pigs, cooked with high heat first, then slowly stewed for several hours. The end result is very soft pork bones and stew vegetables in a hot pot. They usually come with rice and kimchi. Oh yum.


Korean BBQ (Beef and ribs)

Korean barbecue is a form of grilling on the tabletop. We had these marinated beef and ribs and once they were on the grill, they were cooked in a minute. The chef gave us some fresh lettuce and asked us to wrap the cooked beef in it. He asked us not to forget the hot sauce. So, we did what he told us and bam! That was so good beyond words.

We wonder if any Koreans will be reading our post. If you have more tips on Korean food, send us some tips. We are going to go back again and try more dishes.


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